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Eliminate Hard Water with the Expert Plumbers at Mountain Home Services

Hard water has more calcium and magnesium dissolved in it than soft water. It can affect your skin, hair, and even the service life of your appliances. Unfortunately, hard water is common for homeowners in Utah.

That’s why Mountain Home Services provides water softener installation for residential clients in and around Northern Utah. With nearly seven decades of experience, our highly qualified team has the skills to recommend and install a water softener that meets your needs.

You can rely on our skilled contractors’ knowledge when selecting a water softener for your home. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have and provide information without pressuring you.

Why You Need a Water Softener in Your Home

Water hardness is quantified using parts per million (PPM). The PPM measures how much calcium, magnesium, and carbonate minerals are dissolved in your water. Soft water is typically less than 75 ppm, and hard water is anywhere between 150 ppm and 300 ppm.

Your annual water quality report should list the hardness of the water in your area, but you may be able to tell on your own. Some common signs of hard water include:

  • Soap scum and mineral buildup around your plumbing fixtures
  • Water spots on your dishes
  • Soap or shampoo that doesn’t foam up as it should
  • Dry skin or dull, lifeless hair

If you notice any of these issues, contact our team. We install water softeners from trusted brands. Our plumbers can help you decide on a water softener that fits your budget, and then we’ll install it properly.

Benefits of Installing a Water Softener

If you have hard water in your home, you should seriously consider water softener installation. A few benefits of water softener installation include:

  • Longer-lasting appliances: Hard water can ruin appliances, so installing a water softener can save you money on appliance installation.
  • Healthier skin and hair: Your hair and skin will be less dry and dingy from the mineral buildup in hard water.
  • Better-tasting water: A water softener will remove minerals that make your water taste or smell funny.
  • Cleaner dishes and clothes: Hard water can make it hard to get your dishes or laundry clean, but installing a water softener will keep laundry from fading and reduce water spots on dishes.

Even the food you prepare may taste better after you get rid of your hard water. Water softener installation is a smart investment for homeowners in the Northern Utah area.

Why Choose Mountain Home Services?

When you’re ready to install a water softener in your home, turn to Mountain Home Services for help. We provide top-quality water softener installation for residential clients in Northern Utah.

You can expect friendly service and upfront pricing when working with our team. Our number one goal is to provide the best service we can to our clients.

Choose Mountain Home Services for superior plumbing service you can depend on! 

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