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Emphasis on clean IAQ (indoor air quality) is not a trend; it’s a way to live healthier, more comfortable lives. If you share your home with infants, seniors, or family members who are in treatment for illness, clean air circulation can make a big difference to their health.

Clean air in Northern Utah makes life better for all of us.

We’re spending much more time in our homes, and the EPA says our indoor air is significantly more toxic than outdoor air. Airborne allergens and pollutants can be controlled with high-efficiency HVAC air filters.

How Do HVAC Air Filters Work?

Air cleaners and HVAC filters are designed to filter pollutants or contaminants out of the air that passes thru them. Air cleaning and filtration can help reduce airborne contaminants, including particles containing viruses. — EPA.gov

Our heating and cooling systems use HVAC filters to trap airborne pollutants, such as:

  • Carbon monoxide
  • Dust
  • Excess moisture
  • Pet dander
  • Pollen
  • Radon
  • VOCs (volatile organic compounds)
    • Aerosol sprays/paints
    • Air fresheners
    • Disinfectants
    • Pesticides

Your HVAC air filter confines these contaminants and prevents them from recirculating in your home.

You may have heard about MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value). The MERV rating is a filter’s ability to capture small (0.3 microns) to larger (10+ microns) pollutants. A higher rating means a higher resistance, but it also means less airflow can pass through the filter.

For example, the lowest MERV rating is 1–4. It will filter dust and textile fiber. But a MERV rating of 17–20 could block your HVAC system’s airflow, causing problems. A 13–16 is considered “hospital” quality filtration and can be used in homes, but you may see better system efficiency at a lower MERV rating, like 7–13.

Types Of HVAC Air Filters

There are four types of HVAC air filters:

  • Flat-paneled fiberglass: These disposable filters have layers of fiberglass and metal-reinforcing lattices. They’re the least expensive and have a low MERV rating. This means they’re effective in filtering larger particles, but they don’t trap small ones as well.
  • HEPA: High-efficiency particulate air filters are the best. They can trap small-particle pollutants, including cigarette smoke. HEPA is the highest rated but it can also impede airflow, so the filter must be carefully selected.
  • Pleated media: These have a higher MERV than flat panels. They are affordable and more efficient than most washable filters.
  • Reusable: Washable, reusable filters cost more and aren’t usually the best for air filtration. If you have indoor pets or a smoker, you should not use them.

Benefits of High-Efficiency HVAC Air Filters

High-efficiency air filters can stop airborne irritants and even bacteria that cause contagious diseases.

Finding a careful filtration balance — a MERV rating that works best — is residence-specific. Your Northern Utah HVAC professionals at Mountain Home Services have the expertise to know exactly what will work best with your heating and cooling system.

Twice-a-year HVAC maintenance (spring and fall) is when we’ll replace your air filters with new, high-efficiency, high-quality HVAC filters. If your system needs more frequent air filter changes to accommodate your household, we’ll let you know and discuss DIY air filter installation or having us install them for you.

You should never do without the clean-air comfort your home and family deserve. Ask us about financing options for HVAC clean-air systems. Since 1954, smart homeowners have trusted Mountain Home Services. You should too!

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