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When you’re looking for a home heating and cooling system in Northern Utah, your ideal system probably looks a little something like this: efficient, reliable, cost-saving, and maybe even a little innovative, yes? If you want a system that can cover all of these bases, the specialists at Mountain Home Services can heartily recommend a ductless split system installation!

Our certified HVAC team has been offering leading services and peerless comfort products to clients for decades. As a family-owned and -operated business in Utah, we place the utmost importance on bringing clients solutions that are customized and tailored to meet your unique needs, ensuring you get nothing shy of the best. If you’re ready for ductless comfort control in your home, you’ve come to the right specialists.

What Is a Ductless Split System?

Ductless split systems, also called mini-split or multi-split systems, are HVAC systems that are installed using a standard heat pump system that is connected to four areas, or zones, in the home. Each of these zones is controlled via its thermostat independent of each other, offering you far more control over the exact temperatures in your home, as well as providing additional benefits in efficiency and comfort.

As you might expect, these systems are also completely ductless, instead utilizing piping to move refrigerant and thermal energy throughout the home. This makes them a highly advantageous option for smaller homes, homes that cannot accommodate ductwork, home additions, apartments, and similar applications.

The Benefits of Ductless Heating & Cooling

What does going ductless bring to the table? Quite a bit. This slightly newer technology has gained considerable traction in just the past decade. This is because it offers a lot of huge benefits, including:

  • Exceptional energy-efficiency: Through the advantages of zoning technology and the nature of precision temperature control, ductless split systems carry a huge advantage in efficiency over standard cooling types. That means you get more comfort at less cost.
  • Improve air quality: Ductless systems come standard with a double-filtration air filter system. Without ducts to get dusty and dirty, these systems can provide cleaner, healthier air in your home. 
  • Less air loss and easier maintenance: Removing ducts from the equation means you needn’t worry about efficiency loss via air leaks, and reduces the amount of maintenance needed to be done on your home system.
  • Easy purchase and installation: Ductless systems are quite affordable and exceptionally simple for professionals to install. When you need a quality solution in a hurry, ductless is your number one go-to!

Why Choose Mountain Home for Ductless System Installation?

At Mountain Home Services, our team carries extensive experience in handling and servicing ductless mini-split systems. We can assist you in choosing the ideal system to suit your needs, offering a home assessment that takes all vital points into account in order to match you with the perfect cooling and heating solution.

Our installation services are precise and thorough, ensuring your new system will be optimized for perfect service and comfort for years to come. Each service also concludes with a full double-check. We want to make certain we did the best job possible, and we’re not satisfied until we’re absolutely sure you got our best work!

Ductless Mini-Split Installation

When you want to have a ductless mini-split system installed in your Northern Utah home, there’s only one name to know: Mountain Home Services. Our team has the experience to make sure your system is installed properly, giving you peace of mind that it will work well for years to come.

We also offer ductless mini-split repair and ductless mini-split maintenance services.

To learn more about ductless mini-split systems, or to schedule an appointment for a free installation estimate, contact us online!

Choose Mountain Home Services for superior repair and replacement you can depend on!

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