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What Is A Water Softener & Why Do You Need One In Utah?

Are you considering a water softener installation for your home? Water softeners filter water to remove the excess calcium and magnesium that causes hard water.

Hard water can cause issues like mineral buildup on plumbing fixtures, damage to water heaters, low water pressure, and odd-tasting water. Since hard water is common in Utah, it’s a good idea for homeowners to invest in a water softener.

Here, we’ll discuss the water hardness levels in Utah, the benefits of water softener installation, and your next steps to get rid of hard water in your home.

Does Utah Have Hard Water?

Water hardness levels are measured by the amount of magnesium, calcium, and carbonate minerals in water, and it’s considered hard at 150 ppm or higher. In Utah, the average homeowner has a water hardness level of around 298 ppm. That makes it very likely that you have hard water in your home.

You’ll get an annual water quality report that will state the hardness of your water. In Ogden, UT, the average water hardness is around 170 ppm. If you want to get rid of hard water, you’ll need to install a top-quality water softener system in your home.

Benefits Of Water Softeners

Water softener installation is popular with homeowners in Utah — and for good reason. Installing a water softener in your home will:

  • Improve your water’s taste and smell: A water softener will filter out the minerals that make your water taste or smell bad — no more buying bottled water.
  • Give you cleaner clothes and dishes: The minerals in hard water can cause water spots on dishes or prevent your laundry detergent from foaming properly.
  • Extend the service life of your water heater: Reducing the number of minerals in your water will keep them from building up in your water heater’s tank and causing issues.
  • Increase your comfort: Say goodbye to dry, itchy skin once you have soft water in your home.

Your hair may even become shinier and healthier once you have softer water. A local plumbing professional can help you select a water softener system and install it correctly.

Choose Mountain Home Services For Water Quality Solutions In Utah

If you want to install a water softener in your home, contact Mountain Home Services. We’re a trusted home comfort services company providing water softener installations for homeowners in Ogden, UT, and surrounding areas. Our highly trained plumbers will help you determine if you have hard water and install your water softener system efficiently.

We’re a family-owned company, and we treat clients like family. That means you’ll get prompt, friendly service, top-quality work, and no upselling services you don’t need. We even offer free estimates on new equipment.

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