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24 Hour Service Available

Check Out Our Special Offers

Residential homes are using electricity to power more appliances than ever before. When an electrical upgrade or repair is required, you need to ensure the safety of your home. Mountain Home Services prioritizes safety and convenience when it comes to your home electrical system. We offer a wide range of electrical services in West Valley City, UT, ranging from electrical installations and repairs to safety inspections to outlet installation services.

We know the electrical service needs of our customers will vary. Our local electricians even provide 24-hour emergency service.

Signs You Need Professional Electrical Services 

Your electrical system has a lot of components, and the services needed to keep your electrical system running will vary over time and depending on your usage.

Some services are more time-sensitive than others.

  • Humming outlets
  • Code violations
  • Flickering lights
  • Burning smells

We know that electrical problems can arise at any time. Our team at Mountain Home Services is ready to address your concerns. Our emergency repairs services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in West Valley City, Utah.

Any fire hazard or significant change in your electrical system should be handled with professional service.

Electrical Repair in West Valley City 

An electrical repair is best addressed by investigating its root cause. Our team is experienced and trained in professional inspection techniques. We want your repairs to last. Some common electrical repairs in West Valley City, UT include:

  • Rewiring services 
  • Electrical panel repair and replacement
  • Lighting repair
  • Home safety inspection and repairs
  • Appliance repair

Electrical repairs may seem simple on the surface, but the majority of your electrical system involves wiring hidden behind walls. Professionals know how to address repairs while ensuring the safety of your home. Improper electrical repairs can be more dangerous than the initial issue.

Electrical Installation in West Valley City 

Modern homes are seeing more electrical installations than ever before. The uses of electricity in the home are diverse, and proper electrical installation is crucial. 

Wiring Installation

Old wiring can pose serious safety risks. Even if your wiring is safe, you may have trouble running certain appliances, or you might not have enough outlets in a particular room to power everything you’d like. Mountain Home Services offers electrical wiring and rewiring services to any area of your home. From full home rewiring to thermostat wiring, we can handle it all. 

Outlet Installation

Outlets can become damaged over time and for a variety of reasons. We provide outlet installation and replacement. Traditional outlets are quickly being replaced by GFCI outlets. GFCI outlets are often a good investment, especially when you’re considering new building codes. GFCI outlet installation in West Valley City, UT, can improve the safety of your electrical system. 

Ceiling Fan Installation

A ceiling fan can add comfort and convenience to your home. The installation can also save homeowners money on their utility bills. Our team at Mountain Home Services can help go over the design and function options for a ceiling fan in your home.

We can help you through the process of installation selection, wiring, and safety, leaving you with the ideal fan for your space. 

Electrical Upgrades

The components of your home most likely in need of electrical upgrades are your electrical panels and outlets. These components may be the original ones installed in your home. Older homes will require electrical upgrades from time to time.

Electrical upgrades will improve the safety, efficiency, and capacity of your home electrical system. Mountain Home Services offers quality electrical installation in West Valley City, UT. Our team can modernize your home with necessary electrical upgrades. 

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector Installation

Our expert electricians at Mountain Home Services can determine which devices are more than seven years old and may need to be replaced. Old detectors should not be relied upon. We can determine where your detectors should be placed and install them to be most effective.

We care about the safety of the homes we service in West Valley City, Utah. All of our services are performed with your safety in mind. Our professionals are trained in recommending the right services for the job.

Trusted Electrical Services in West Valley City, UT

The capabilities of home electrical systems are expanding every day. Mountain Home Services wants to keep your electrical system running at its best for you. Our professional electricians will get the job done the first time around. Our local electrical company was established in 1954 and has been providing quality electrical services ever since.

Choose Mountain Home Services for superior HVAC service you can depend on! 

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