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24 Hour Service Available

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24 Hour Service Available

Check Out Our Special Offers

Electrical needs don’t sleep which is why our services at Mountain Home Services are always available. We are open 24/7 because we always want you to have a reliable company to turn to when you need electrical repairs or installations. We have been serving communities in and around Weber County since 1954 and we are ready to bring you the same quality repairs and installations that have brought homeowners to our door for many years.

Our Trusted Electrical Services

At Mountain Home Services we are a family-owned business with a long-lasting reputation for meticulous installations and fast repairs. We work hard to make sure each of our services lives up to our standards of excellence. With fully stocked trucks that are ready for every emergency, we can arrive faster and get the job done more efficiently.

Electrical Installation Services in Weber County

When installed correctly, electrical wiring and equipment can be very safe. However, not all residential electrical services are equal. At Mountain Home Services, our team is made up of licensed and trained electricians who care about doing installations correctly so that you can always be confident in the safety of your electrical system.

Electrical Panels

Your electrical panel needs to be working properly for you to be able to enjoy your electrical devices. If you have a breaker that trips every time your AC turns on or you use your microwave, you may need an upgraded panel to be able to safely use all of your appliances. We offer electrical panel installations, replacements, and upgrades in Weber County.

Surge Protection

Have you ever had a computer or a TV get fried by a power surge? It can be even more frustrating because this type of situation is preventable. Our whole home surge protection devices at Mountain Home Services connect to your electrical panel to protect your whole system from power surges. You can also utilize power strips on your most important devices as an additional layer of protection, but make sure to replace them every 2 to 5 years.

Outlet and Switch Installation

Have you been wanting to upgrade your outlets? Outlet installation and repair can be a good investment because your outlets and switches are the components that you interact with every day. An upgrade in this area can make it easier to use your devices and turn on your lights. We would love to come and install smart outlets and switches, dimmer switches, USB outlets, 240V outlets, GFCI outlets, and more.

Lighting Installation

If you’re looking for good lighting installation and repair services in Weber County, our electricians would love to help. We specialize in coming up with unique lighting that brings out the best features in every room. We also offer outdoor lighting installation services such as landscape lighting, motion sensors, and floodlights.

EV Charger Installation

Purchasing an electric vehicle can be a wise investment. But without a fast charger in your home, it can be inconvenient to keep it fully charged. Having an EV charger at home can help save you time and money and it could even raise the property value of your home. We can install your EV charger as well as a 240V outlet or new electrical panel if needed for the upgrade.

Electrical Repair Services in Weber County

Fast service is essential for electrical problems since they can sometimes pose a hazard. At Mountain Home Services, we are always open for repairs. Even if you start to notice electrical problems at night, on the weekend, or on a holiday, you can call us right away for electrical repair and we will have it inspected for safety.

Outlet Repair

When your outlets are working normally, the plugs should stay securely in place. You should never have warm outlet covers, sparks, or scorch marks on any of your outlets. If you notice any of these problems, you’ll need an outlet installation or repair to ensure the safety of your outlets.

Lighting Repair

When you’re lighting gets damaged or stops working, you don’t have to go without lights in your home. Call us for lighting installation and repair. We can replace broken light fixtures, fix faulty wiring, and troubleshoot any problems that you may have with the fixture or the light switch.

Wiring Repair

Some wiring materials can expand and contract when the weather changes. This can cause loose wiring connections. When there are faulty connections in your wiring or when it becomes damaged, it can heat up and cause a fire hazard. Electrical problems such as buzzing sounds, flickering lights, inconsistent electricity, or tripping breakers can be inspected and repaired by our team.

Residential Electrical Services in Weber County

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