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Electricity has transformed the world and powers technology that is advancing more rapidly every day. Smartphones, smart homes, and even smart appliances are becoming staples in most people’s everyday lives. This makes having access to reliable electrical services in Orem, Utah, a must for homeowners. Your lights, air conditioning, and all of your major appliances are dependent on your home’s electrical system. For your home to run efficiently, your electrical system has to be maintained and up to code at all times.

Mountain Home Services provides Orem residents with a team of capable professionals who are highly trained in electrical upgrades, installations, and repair. When you trust Mountain Home Services to handle all of your electrical needs, you are guaranteed your home will receive world-class service.

Residential Electrical Installation in Orem 

The electrical system is the backbone of any home. If your electrical system is not functioning properly, the residents of your home will experience inconvenient and potentially dangerous consequences. Some homeowners assume that because they have some electrical knowledge, it won’t be difficult to service their electrical systems themselves. Not only is this reasoning flawed, but it is also extremely dangerous. Any practiced electrician will strongly advise you against attempting to DIY on anything related to your electrical system.

Your home deserves the first-class services that come with professional electrical contractors. Mountain Home Services provides a solution to all electrical installation needs in Orem, Utah. No job is too big or too small for our expert electricians. 

Quality Electrical Repair Services

Sometimes, it can be hard to tell if your electrical system needs repair. By the time that you notice something is off, your system may be compromised. When you’re having electrical issues, you don’t have time to schedule and wait for an appointment in the coming weeks. Finding around-the-clock electrical repair services in Orem is easier than you think!

Mountain Home Services understands the urgency and operates 24/7 to ensure that residents in Orem, Utah, have access to reliable electrical repair services when they need them. 

Trusted Emergency Electrical Services in Orem

When unforeseen circumstances come into play, you need experienced electrical contractors to fix your electrical issues. Mountain Home Services is well-equipped to efficiently and effectively cater to all of your residential electrical needs. 

Convenient Electrical Safety Installations

Put your home’s electrical system in hands that you can trust. Our team of professionals can identify and resolve any issues with your system and install whatever safety devices you wish to add to your home.

Comprehensive Safety Electrical Services in Orem

The security of your home is a critically serious matter. Your home requires thorough protection that guarantees the safety of your family, in addition to safeguarding your devices. We offer a wide range of services that add to the safety of your residence, including:

  • Extensive safety inspections
  • Surge protection installations
  • Smoke detector installations
  • Upgrading & installing fire alarms
  • Whole house generator installations

Well-adjusted safety measures are a priceless investment in your home. Protect your home and your peace of mind when you entrust safety installations to Mountain Home Services.

Electrical Panel Installation and Repair

Though electrical panels are built to last from 25 to 40 years, homeowners regularly find themselves in need of electrical panel repair. It can be hard to tell the last time electrical panels were serviced, and older homes are especially vulnerable to faulty electrical panels.

An upgraded or brand-new electrical panel can solve a variety of problems in your home. Appliances that are not receiving power, randomly dimming lights, and even outlets that spark when touched are signs of an electrical panel that requires repair.

For electrical panel services you can depend on, Mountain Home Services is the electrical contractor of choice in Northern Utah.

Electrical Outlet & GFCI Installation 

Outlets are essential, and it is amazing how we don’t appreciate their functionality until they stop working. Whether you need to charge your laptop, use a hairdryer, or turn on a lamp, outlets are necessary to harness electricity and power your devices.

Any outlets that are strangely warm to the touch, shoot sparks when you plug something in, or spontaneously stop working are signs of a larger electrical issue. Other times, the outlets themselves are worn down and need replacing. Whatever the root of the problem is, Mountain Home Services will find and fix it. As a trusted electrical contractor, our team has extensive experience providing outlet and GFCI installation services in Orem.

Since 1954, Mountain Home Services has been providing high-quality electrical services across the Northern Utah area. The most comprehensive services for electrical installation in Orem come from our team of professionals, and we pride ourselves on a job well done.

Electrical upgrades, solar panel installations, and any other electrical service you can think of are just one call away. When you need top-rated electrical services, reach out to Mountain Home Services. Your home’s safety and security are our top priority.

Choose Mountain Home Services for superior HVAC service you can depend on! 

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