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24 Hour Service Available

Check Out Our Special Offers

The 21st century has given us some amazing technology. You can start your car from an app on your cell phone, or you can brew a single cup of coffee in about 2 minutes. While these things don’t seem to share many features, they have one commonality: electricity. When you need electrical services in North Salt Lake City, you need a reliable contractor who can handle your repairs, upgrades, and installations. That’s why you should contact the best in the area. Call Mountain Home Services today. 

Residential Electrical Repair in North Salt Lake City 

Many people believe in DIY work because it will save you money. However, electrical repairs should be left to a qualified electrician. A simple repair or electrical installation can lead to a dangerous mistake if you’re unsure of what you’re doing. One wrong move and your electrical system could be damaged beyond repair, or worse yet, you could hurt someone.   

If you need an electrical repair in North Salt Lake City, contact a professional like the team at Mountain Home Services. We are equipped to handle any type of electrical service that your home needs. 

Emergency Electrical Repairs

We know that emergencies can happen at any time. At Mountain Home Services, we offer 24-hour electrical services in North Salt Lake City! 

Outlet Installation in North Salt Lake City 

Electrical safety is important to every home we serve. If you need new outlets installed, the best thing you can do is use a professional electrician. Our trained professionals can perform electrical outlet installation in North Salt Lake City and ensure your outlets are up to code.  

Electrical Upgrades in North Salt Lake City 

As part of the electrical services in North Salt Lake City, we can complete electrical upgrades to your current system. You can contact our licensed electricians at Mountain Home Services to analyze the electrical system in your home to determine any necessary electrical upgrades.  

Our qualified team members can upgrade your electric panel or outlets to help your home meet modern needs. 

Electrical Installation in North Salt Lake City 

If you’ve noticed your electrical system has started to fail, or you’re just ready to update your ceiling fan, Mountain Home Services has you covered. The trained electricians on our team can complete a wide variety of electrical installations in North Salt Lake City. 

Our professionals can handle installing the following: 

  • Electrical wiring 
  • Lighting fixtures 
  • Ceiling fans 
  • Electric panels 

If you want to start saving money on your utility bills, we have electricians who can install solar panels for your home. We want to provide our customers with as many electrical services in North Salt Lake City as possible!  

We Can Do Safety Installations Too

Updating the safety features of your house will not only protect your family but protect your appliances too. If you need help making upgrades to your home, we can provide safe electrical services in North Salt Lake City.

Count on us for: 

When you add safety measures like these to your home, there’s less for you to worry about. 

Home Electrical Safety Inspections in North Salt Lake City 

To prevent electrical issues in your home, Mountain Home Services can complete an electrical safety inspection. Our 12-step process will ensure your home is safe. During this process, we check and test each part of your electrical system. If we find any potential problems with your system, we will come up with a plan for how we can repair it. 

A safety inspection should be completed once a year to ensure your home is not in any danger. Otherwise, schedule an inspection as soon as you see any signs that something may be wrong.  

Trusted Electricians in North Salt Lake City

Mountain Home Services has been providing electrical services in North Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas since 1954. Our goal is to offer top-notch electrical work to the people in our community when they need it most. Whether you want to make the switch to solar panels or you’re interested in adding a new ceiling fan to your home, you can rely on us for prompt and efficient service.

The skilled electricians at Mountain Home Services are ready to help you. We treat every member of our community fairly because we like to think of you all as family. If you’re in the North Salt Lake City area, choose to take control of the power in your home.

Choose Mountain Home Services for superior HVAC service you can depend on! 

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