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Check Out Our Special Offers

Behind the perfectly painted and decorated walls of your home is a network of wires that gives you everything you need to have a home that’s warm, convenient, and full of light. Sometimes your electrical system needs to be updated and repaired so that it can continue serving your family. When you need help with anything from your electrical wiring to your lighting, you can rely on Master Electrical Service. We are a full-service electrical company that has been serving Davis County and other Utah communities for more than six decades.

Our Trusted Electrical Services

Years of electrical service in the area have allowed us to build trust with our customers. When you think of Master Electrical Service, we want honesty and integrity to come to your mind. We are transparent in all of our services, whether installations or repairs because we believe that you should be able to have the information you need to care for your home properly.

Electrical Installation Services in Davis County

We specialize in both small and large residential electrical services. Our level of quality and care will remain the same even when we’re simply installing a new light fixture or replacing an outlet cover. When you contact us for bigger projects like rewiring your home, you’ll find the process to be easy and stress-free.

Electrical Panels

Electrical panels can be one of the most common electrical components to need to be upgraded. That’s because, while they can continue working for many years, the electrical needs of the home can outgrow the panel even before it breaks down. Your electrical panel should be able to easily handle everything from your new energy-efficient HVAC system to your hot tub without constantly tripping breakers. Let us know if you need to have your panel replaced.

Surge Protection

Without a good whole home surge protection system in place, all of the devices that plug into your outlets could be at risk of being damaged by a power surge. Power surges can fry electrical equipment or reduce the lifespan of devices such as computers and phones. We offer whole home surge protection in Davis County, UT which can help protect your home.

Outlet Installation

Every outlet in your home should be safe, ideally placed, and up to code. If your outlets aren’t serving your needs or if your house is behind the times, we would love to help with our outlet installation and repair. We can update your outlets in the bathroom and kitchen to be GFCI outlets, put USB outlets in your bedroom so you can plug in your cell phone, and install 240V outlets for your washer and dryer.

Lighting Installation

New lighting can modernize a space and make it more efficient. We can fix or replace any lighting fixture with our lighting installation and repair services in Davis County. If you want recessed lighting, accent lighting, chandeliers, security lighting outside, LED lighting, or any other type of indoor or outdoor lighting, we can install it for you.

EV Charger Installation

When you own an electric vehicle, there is nothing more satisfying than being able to come straight home after a long day of work and plug your car into your garage. With our EV chargers, you can skip the lines and the long charging times. Your car will be able to fully charge while you get a good night’s sleep.

Electrical Repair Services in Davis County

Your electrical system will often give you subtle warnings when there is something wrong with any of the wiring, connections, breakers, and more. It can be tempting to ignore some of these signs and write them off as the quirks of an older house, but it’s important to have an electrician come and inspect your system for potential dangers. With our electrical repair, you will know that your wiring and devices are safe.

Outlet Repair

The safest outlets are those that are in good condition. Even cracks in the outlet cover can cause dust to enter the outlet and become a fire hazard. Let us keep them in perfect condition with our outlet installation and repair services in Davis County, UT.

Lighting Repair

Flickering or dimming lights can sometimes be a problem with your electrical panel, but it may be a problem with the light fixture itself. Troubleshooting services are important because we can find out what is causing the issue and fix the problem. If you need lighting installation and repair or general electrical troubleshooting services, our electricians are always here for you.

Wiring Repair

When we install wiring, we make sure that each connection is secure and safe. But sometimes age, water damage, or even a bad installation by another electrician can cause short circuits. While your electrical panel and GFCI outlets can protect you from most short circuits by tripping the breaker or outlet, it’s still important to watch for signs of smoke or sparks and to call right away for wiring repair if you notice any issues.

More Residential Electrical Services in Davis County

We offer many more electrical services in Davis County including:

  • Electrical Wiring and Rewiring
  • Attic Fan Installation
  • Meter Base Services
  • Arc Fault Breaker Installation
  • Home Electrical Safety Checks
  • Smoke Detector Installation

Contact Master Electrical Service Today!

When you need experience, reliability,  courtesy, and honesty, you can count on Master Electrical Service. We have offered all of these and more to our neighbors in Davis County since 1954. For us, every day on the job is another chance to help families with their electrical systems.

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