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Why Is My AC Unit Leaking?

As a homeowner in South Ogden you’ve likely encountered all kinds of cooling system troubles over the years. But few are as odd or as frustrating as an AC leak—a problem that comes with the additional threat of water damage on top of already losing cooling power. What causes this, and what can you do to make the problem go away? Follow along with the certified HVAC professionals at Mountain Home Services to learn more.

The Common Causes For AC Leaks

The good news is that there are actually very few potential causes for this particular issue, making it a fairly easy one to nail down. The bad news is that almost all of them require the help of a certified service professional. But that need not necessarily be as bad as it sounds like! Let’s start by discussing the possible causes:

  1. Dirty HVAC air filter. The first and easiest of the issues you may be able to handle all on your own. When you notice water forming in, on, or around your South Ogden air conditioner the first thing you should do is check the air filter. If the filter is clogged and dirty it could be restricting air flow, which can cause ice and frost to form inside your unit.
  2. Low refrigerant levels. Refrigerant problems can cause the same issue as mentioned above—ice formation on the evaporator coils. This happens because the system attempts to continue operating as usual when refrigerant is low, but the lack of refrigerant tampers with the normal thermal transfer in your unit. Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as refrigerant getting used up, so there is a leak somewhere in your unit if this is the problem.
  3. Clogged condensate drains. Your AC system generates water as a normal part of its dehumidification process. When all is normal, this water will travel down into your drain pan, and then get pumped out of your home (or into a designated drain) by way of the condensate system. A clog in the drain system is fairly common for homeowners that eschew routine AC maintenance , and this can result in puddles of water under or around the unit.
  4. A damaged drain pan. The drain pan is responsible for catching water that forms within your unit and transferring it to the condensate pump and drain system. The pan, however, is a very simple component and is susceptible to corrosion, rust, cracking, and similar issues; all of these can result in a water leak.

AC Repair & Leak Repair In Ogden, Utah

Tired of dealing with a cooling system that tries to turn your home into an indoor pool? You can count on Mountain Home Services for the superior services and solutions you need! We offer complete AC repair services that offer you the best in quality, dependable service, and complete solutions.

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