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Benefits Of Starting A Career In HVAC

A career in the HVAC industry can be quite rewarding, with challenging and interesting work, great pay and benefits, and plenty of specialties so you can choose the job that best fits your needs and interests.

As an HVAC technician, you’ll help keep your customers comfortable and solve unique problems found in a wide range of heating, cooling, and air quality systems. It takes plenty of skill, knowledge, and great troubleshooting abilities to be a successful HVAC technician, and it all starts with education.

Working in the HVAC industry offers advantages like:

  • Job security: The need for HVAC technicians increases year over year, especially in areas of the country that experience extreme temperatures.
  • Great job benefits: HVAC companies typically offer competitive benefits. For example, Mountain Home Services offers a comprehensive benefits package complete with 401(k) matching.
  • Plentiful job opportunities: The HVAC industry covers a wide range of jobs, from helping homeowners to designing complex heating and cooling systems for commercial facilities.

What Makes You A Good Fit For A Job In HVAC?

Being an HVAC technician is rarely dull, and you’ll need a variety of skills to handle all the challenges you might face in a typical day. Some of the most important skills to have as an HVAC technician include:

  • Concrete troubleshooting and diagnostic skills
  • Comprehensive experience with heatingcooling, and air quality systems
  • In-depth knowledge of mechanical heating and cooling principles
  • Knowledge of refrigerants and their proper handling
  • Good plumbing, soldering, and brazing skills
  • Basic electrical skills and safety training

Well-rounded training and experience are key to a successful HVAC career.

How Do You Start A Career In HVAC?

To start your HVAC career, you’ll need to work toward an HVAC certification. Although college programs and trade schools are options, many HVAC technicians build their skill sets on the job.

It’s common for companies to provide robust training programs and apprenticeships, through which you can learn the basics of HVAC installation, service, and repair on the job while working toward your certifications.

At Mountain Home Services, we’re proud to invest in our team. We provide top-notch training to help our technicians hone their skills, and we contribute financially to their certifications.

These training programs continue during your time with Mountain Home Services because we want our technicians to stay on top of updates and changes in an industry that’s always changing.

Grow Your HVAC Career With Mountain Home Services Today

With different work environments every day, different challenges, attractive salaries, and the ability to help your customers improve their comfort and quality of life, an HVAC career can be a great choice.

At Mountain Home Services, we’re always looking for new talent to expand our growing HVAC team, and we have a wide range of open positions on our careers page. Our company offers competitive pay and great benefits like:

  • Medical, dental, and vision coverage
  • 401(k) matching
  • Generous paid time off
  • Gym memberships
  • More

Based in Ogden, Utah, we serve Davis, Weber, Morgan, and Box Elder counties.

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