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Should I Replace My AC Unit In The Winter?

Replacing your air conditioning system isn’t something you look forward to unless you’ve been doing without. AC replacement is an investment that involves a lot of decision-making and finding a trustworthy HVAC company. However, you can make the process easier in a way you might not expect: by choosing when to replace your system.

Is winter the right time to replace your current cooling system? Not sure when’s the best time to replace your cooling system? The experts at Mountain Home Services are here to help you find out.

Determining When The Investment Is Worth It

Purchasing a new cooling system is a sizable investment. So in many ways, your decision comes down to weighing the cost and time needed versus what you get out of the deal.

Major considerations include:

  • The age of your current system: Cooling equipment can be expected to perform effectively for 10 to 15 years when they’re properly maintained. Past this point, you’ll see more frequent repairs and overall weaker performance.
  • Whether your current system can keep up: Does your system struggle to keep your home cool, or does it leave your home feeling humid? If so then there’s no reason to keep paying the upkeep on it. Just replace it for better results.
  • Your current average utility costs: Noticing a trend of higher energy costs with each summer? This is a sign that a replacement will save you cash in the long run.
  • How often you need repairs: A single cooling repair, depending on the nature of the issue, is usually reasonable. But that changes when you need repairs yearly or even more often.
  • How costly the current repairs are: Some repairs, such as compressor replacement, can cost you an arm and a leg. When repair costs start to cost around $400 to $500 or more, it’s best to discuss replacement with your HVAC contractor.

The Perks Of A Winter Purchase

Winter is one of the prime off-season times for cooling systems. Along with fall, purchasing a cooling system in off seasons can present you with some considerable benefits.

Many contractors and manufacturers offer incentives for purchasing and pursuing a new installation in the off-season, which can give you immediate perks like reduced labor or parts costs, improved warranties, and similar benefits.

Replacing in the winter can also give you another underrated asset: time. Time to pick the perfect system for your needs, time to shop around (both for a contractor and the ideal system), and time to make sure you’ll be prepared for summer.

Should You Replace Your AC & Furnace At The Same Time?

Many homeowners choose to replace their furnaces when replacing their AC, which has several benefits. There are two main things to consider when weighing your options:

  • Age of both units: If both of your units are more than a decade old, it might make sense to replace your furnace along with your air conditioner to get ahead of expensive repairs as your furnace ages.
  • Energy efficiency: If you’re upgrading to an energy-efficient cooling system, it makes sense to do the same with your furnace to maximize your home’s energy efficiency. 

However, if your furnace is less than 10 years old and works fine, we don’t recommend bundling your furnace replacement with your new AC installation. If you’re looking for cost-efficient heating upgrades, you could also consider a heat pump installation.

An HVAC expert at Mountain Home Services can help you navigate your options and make the best choice for your home and budget. 

Air Conditioner Replacement In Ogden, UT

Starting to think it’s time for an air conditioner replacement, or looking for experts who can help you make the right call? Contact the trained specialists at Mountain Home Services.

We’ve been proudly serving Ogden and surrounding areas for decades, and we pride ourselves on our ability to help clients get the services they need, not just a sales pitch.

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