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How to Efficiently Set Your Thermostat in the Fall

Figuring out your perfect thermostat setting is simple enough in the summer. We’ve all got our preferences and comfort zones, and usually it’s no worry at all. But the story changes a bit when fall rolls around. Early fall can be a roller coaster of comfortable nights and slightly too warm afternoons, which leaves you in a rough spot. Want to know how to set your thermostat for fall weather? Mountain Home Services Conditioning & Heating can help you decide.

Efficient Thermostat Ranges for Fall

For the most part the rules change little from season to season. When it’s hot, we rely on our air conditioner. When it’s cold, the furnace comes on. However swapping things on and off on a whim can actually cost you a lot in fuel or energy costs, which is something we’d all prefer to avoid. So how do you go about finding your perfect setting? Well, there are some really simple ways:

  • Don’t use it at all. While we all take our comfort as a priority, you have to remember that season changes are all about adjustment. We’re familiar with those upper 80's days right at the moment, so even a nice 70 or 71 degree day (which is the standard for energy-efficient thermostat settings for an AC) can feel downright chilly. If you’re trying to avoid kicking on the heat, toss on a jacket for an easier, cheaper option. This goes for AC, too! On those couple hotter days you have other options.
  • Ceiling fans are a big benefit. If it’s just hot enough that you want to turn the AC system back on, augment the effectiveness of the cooling system by setting your fans to run counter-clockwise and you’ll feel much cooler, helping you cut costs and keep settings on your AC lower.
  • Use it on reduced settings. Instead of setting the air conditioner to your usual 70, first try 72 and give it a bit of time. Because our days are much milder and the daytime heat waves are far shorter, we’re willing to bet you’ll feel just fine with reduced settings. Keep in mind that every degree your system has to cool represents up to a 15% increase in HVAC energy use!

Enlist a Programmable Thermostat

Do you wish there was a way to just leave the home cooling and heating management to someone else? Well welcome to the future because you’ve got an option! Programmable thermostats are simple smart systems that allow you to run daily heating and cooling routines, helping you set it, forget it, and stay as comfortable as possible. They also streamline energy and fuel use in your home, helping to keep costs down.

On top of it, all these things are a massive boon for a minuscule cost! Programmable thermostats are often quoted as one of the most cost-effective energy upgrades you can make.

Be Sure to Optimize Home Heating with a Furnace Tune-up

All in all, finding your perfect temperature range is important, but realistically it won’t be a problem for long. Winter comes quickly here in Utah, and you’ll soon be relying on your furnace running at full power!

Did you get your annual maintenance service to ensure you get the most energy-efficient and effective heating for your home possible?

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