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Can You Add Air Conditioning With A Boiler Heating System?

At Mountain Home Services Conditioning & Heating, we often have homeowners who love their boiler or radiant heating systems for the cozy and comfortable warmth they provide during the chilly winters in Ogden, UT.

However, as summer approaches, we often get asked: How can you keep cool in a home heated by a boiler? In this blog, we’ll explore efficient solutions to add air conditioning to homes with boiler heating systems.

How To Stay Cool In Summer In A Boiler-Heated Home

Homes with boiler heating systems typically lack the ductwork used by central heating systems. This lack of ductwork makes installing traditional air conditioning a challenge. Without ducts, homeowners need alternative solutions to stay cool during the hot Utah summers.

Benefits Of Mini-Split Heat Pumps For Cooling

A practical solution for boiler-heated homes to stay cool in the summer is the installation of ductless HVAC systems, like mini-split heat pumps. These systems provide cooling to individual rooms or zones without the need for extensive ductwork.

Mini-split heat pumps are energy-efficient and offer customizable temperature control for different areas of your home. They’re ideal for homes with boiler heating because they provide comfort during the hot summers while maintaining the integrity of your heating system.

Can You Add Central Air Conditioning To A Boiler-Heated Home?

For homeowners seeking a more traditional cooling solution, it’s possible to install ductwork for a central air system or a heat pump system. Adding ductwork can be a significant investment, but it allows for the future flexibility of replacing a boiler heating system with a furnace.

This option provides a comprehensive solution for year-round climate control in your home.

Choose Mountain Home Services

At Mountain Home Services, we understand the heating and cooling needs of Ogden homes. We’re a family-run business, committed to providing top-quality solutions to our community. Whether you’re interested in mini-split installation or need help with your boiler system, we’re here to help.

Our team at Mountain Home Services is ready to provide expert advice and solutions for your home’s heating and cooling requirements. Let us help you make your home comfortable, no matter the season.

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