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4 Tips To Avoid Air Conditioner Repair In Utah

Air conditioner repair can be an unwelcome necessity when the AC decides to fizzle out in the middle of July. Temperatures in and around Ogden, Utah average about 91° in July, and that’s the average – meaning it can get hotter! It’s the worst time for something to go wrong, yet the most likely time for it to happen. Thankfully, you can minimize the chance of a broken air conditioner by reducing how hard your system has to work. Here are four simple tips from Mountain Air for keeping your AC in prime working condition:

1. Keep curtains or shades closed

This is one of the simplest ways you can maximize your AC’s performance without running it on its highest setting—and it costs you nothing. Your air conditioner has to compete against any sources of warmth in the house, such as sunlight streaming through windows. Make sure to close curtains, drapes, blinds, or shades in all rooms during the day (or at least all sunward-facing rooms) and you can turn that AC down a notch without starting to sweat. It’s a simple way to keep the air conditioner repair man away until it’s really necessary.

2. Put air conditioner units on the shady side of the house

When you have an outside condensing unit, think carefully about which side of the house you want to place it on and which area gets the most sun. In Utah and the rest of the U.S., that’s the south side, so (if possible) put your unit on the north side so it isn’t baking in the sun all day. Of course, if you have a side with thick shade trees, that’s probably the best side no matter what. Building a simple sunshade to go over your unit is also possible. By reducing how much the unit has to fight the sun, you will lessen the chance of needing to call our air conditioner repair company.

3. Put your AC on a timer

This is another simple trick that drastically reduces your AC usage without changing your comfort level. When you don’t run the AC continuously, there is less chance of overtaxing it and having to call for air conditioner repair. Timers are available at any home supply store and are easy to use. Have your AC stay off most of the day, then kick in an hour before you return from work. Make sure it turns off or at least kicks to a lower setting late at night, too.

4. Change your filters regularly

So many homeowners forget that they need to change their air filters on their central AC! The dirtier a filter gets, the harder the air conditioner has to work until it eventually burns out. Plus, with a clogged filter, less cool air makes it into your home, so you’re paying a lot of money for nothing. Don’t make this crucial mistake! Change your filters once a month during the warm season.

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